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A X10 CM11 driver for RTLinux using RT_COM

Location of CVS storage for code

Description:  rtl_cm11 is an attempt at a RTLinux POSIX device driver.  While attempting to do research for some items for a home automation and control system I chose to use X10. The CM11 X10 module was looked into as a possible source for this system.  I've found X10 excessively slow and easily defeatable.  Still needed experience using RTLinux and POSIX for driver development for other items for the above system.

The challenge to another developer is to prove that it's not X10 that's slow but it's this driver.  :)

Let me know what you find.  I'll be glad to implement any and all improvements to the speed of this driver:

Intend improvements as time permits:
1. Response Table to be read in from configuration file.
2. Perl/CGI scripts for an HTML interface/front-end
3. TBD

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